About Coco & Pud Event Staging

I have always loved events, I completed my first year at AUT studying event management and loved it. I wanted to orchestrate and organise concerts and big festivals, bringing in big performers from around the world, while showcasing our up and coming local talent here in New Zealand. 

I was then blessed with my daughter, which opened my eyes to kids birthdays, baby showers/gender reveals and as that passion grew I started to explore bridal showers/engagements and corporate events. 

As the years ticked on organising birthdays and kids events as well as events for the wider family and friends I found myself getting this addiction to the absolute buzz of organising, planner, designing and creating events that everyone loved. But I always found myself feeling stuck for options being located in the Far North. There is limited to no vendors around the different areas north of Auckland to provide the groovy statement pieces i needed nor some simple as kids tables and chairs, so 

I started making what i wanted and needed to design my events. I loved the DIY behind it, it was personalised it was exactly how we envisioned it and the learning along the way of constructing these different pieces was amazing. I then thought I cant be the only one that is frustrated with the lack of options we have here in the North, so that is where Coco & Pud Event Staging came to light. Coco comes from my eldest daughter, her nana nicknamed her Coco bean and Pud is for my youngest daughter, her great grandma nicknamed her Pudding. 

Along my journey of becoming a Mum i realised the lack of time i had when i went back to work when it came to organising events, I came to the conclusion that i’m definitely not the only person that feels this pressure of time slipping through my fingers but needing it to pull off events for our loved ones and for the corporate networking arena. I wanted to use my absolute passion to help others that are in that same situation. The main drive is to help make your event what you envisioned, to help with any creative block you may have, or simply come up with the solutions to make what you want happen. There are many stresses but we want to make your event one less for you. I did market research into what do people want? What do they dislike the most about organising and putting the event together. Most if not every response i got was PACKING DOWN! No one likes the idea of having to pack down, so we thought YES! That is what we will do! Set up and PACK DOWN! Along with other results that came back, we found that as New Zealanders we have the ‘can do’ attitude so creating a pack of all the things the clients needs to set up, alongside instructions and a design overview they are more than happy to pick up and set up themselves on the day. Bare in mind not everyone likes doing that so we are always happy to whip it all up for you and pack down for the less stress option ;).